Customer Services

Customer Guide - For Domain Administrators, this manual shows how to use the control panel to setup or change all the user controllable features of your domain.  This describes how to manage email accounts, mailing lists, databases, and much more.

Reseller Guide - For Resellers, this manual shows how to administer the reseller funcitons in the plesk control panel.

Presence Builder - Parrellels Web Presence Builder User Guide

Administration - Log into the control panel to administer all the settings and capabilities included with your account.  This includes setting up email accounts, changing passords, adding sub sites or even selecting the web mail program that will be used by your site.

Web Mail Interface - The webmail interface for you domain can be found at

Customer Help Center - Find answers to basic questions such as: How do I set up my e-mail accounts? How do I use the Web Mail Interface? Find the answers to these and other questions.


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