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Control Panel User Guides
The Plesk Control Panel tutorials can be found here.

These tutorials show how to use the Plesk control panel for setting up and managing the various settings and capabilities of your hosting package.

Email Setup
Use these recommendations to set up your email client.
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Change the outgoing (SMTP) port to 587.
  • Do not select secure password authentication.
  • To secure your email, SSL/TSL encryption is recommended for both incoming and outgoing mail.

    Sample settings for setting up your email client can be found here.
    Please contact us if you need assistance.

How do I access my webmail interface        
The web-mail interface can be accessed at or as an alternate,

I am getting to much spam, how do I train my spam filter to recognize spam?
    To improve accuracy of spam detection:

    1. Access your mailbox with web-mail or an imap mail client on your computer or device.
    2. Review the messages in your Inbox folder. Move all spam messages to the Spam folder. This will allow the spam filter to recognize spam more efficiently.

FTP Access
    If FTP access is enabled on your domain, it can be accessed at

How can I access my webstats
Webstats can be found at the location This directory is password protected by default. The default access is your admin username and password, and this password can be changed by logging into your control panel.

Site Administration/Control Panel
    The administration page can be found at
    Log in with your domain name and admin password to administer your domain, or your email address and email password to change your email settings.

What DNS Servers should I use
    When registering a domain to be hosted on this server, the following DNS information must be provided to the domain registration service:

    Primary Server:     NS1.RGBENTERPRISES.NET
    Secondary Server: NS2.RGBENTERPRISES.NET